Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby B in 3D

Here I am! Back from the windy east coast, I am happy to announce that we know what we're having! It's a...


Haha, gotcha. We're not telling. When I showed Wayne the 3D photos and DVD, and it revealed the gender, he wanted to tell everyone (even though 10 mins. earlier, he didn't want to know at all!). So we told our parents, and then stopped there.

I have to say, for all the people who advised me not to "ruin it" by finding out the gender, I know I made the right choice to find out. I have figured out that knowing this one piece of solid information in our very unstable life right now (i.e. not knowing if Wayne will be home for the birth, not knowing how much time we'll have together if he is, not knowing where or even when we'll be moving at the end of the year...agh!) has created a sense of comfort and peace for us. We spent our entire 8 days together referring to the baby by name and being able to actually visualize our lives with him/her and discuss how we will parent this little miracle. We got to talk a lot about the important, but different, roles moms and dads play in the lives of their sons/daughters and how we need to be conscious of these roles. And now, when I get a little jab in the tummy/side/cervix, I can chastise the little kicker by name...gets me ready for all those disciplining moments!

The UC Baby experience was so relaxing and sweet. The ultrasound room is more like a massage room at a spa, with a massive flat screen tv mounted close to the ceiling and a theatre of chairs available for all the loved ones you want to bring with you! Having Danielle there (Wayne's stand-in) to experience it with me was extra special and I'm grateful to have found out the gender with her. We were in there for over 45 mins. and the technician got some great face shots of our little one. Check them out below!

I highly recommend this service and was pleased with the experience. It was a little pricey, but so worth it because Wayne couldn't come to ANY ultrasound appointments with me.