Saturday, March 5, 2011


Inspired by Julie at Sweet Peanuts, I set out last week to create an old-fashioned cameo/silhouette of Heidi for her room. It was actually much easier than I anticipated! I will do this for each of our kids, maybe one every few years to line our halls as they grow? Ok, that's a little ambitious. But still, it's a cool idea.

Here is the photo I used for Heidi's profile:

I uploaded this to, a free online photo editing tool, and treated the image with the "pencil sketch" tool under the "Create" section. Then I cropped it close to print a larger version in B&W, like this:

Once it printed to the size I wanted, I outlined the profile with a thin felt, cut it out, and traced around that onto a piece of black construction paper with a white quilting pencil. I cut that out, flipped it and glued it into place on the scrapbooking paper you see below. I bought a frame from Michael's (LOVE those 40% off any one regular priced item coupons!) that matches one she already has hanging in her room and - voila! Heidi's very own cameo.

Thanks for the inspiration, Julie!