Friday, January 22, 2010

::CFB Shilo - home::

Well we've been in the house just over a week now and I thought you'd enjoy an update.

This house is growing on me more every day. It's nice to have a home that doesn't feel like a tall, skinny townhouse (not that I didn't love our place at Kew!). You'd never know this was a duplex if you didn't see it from the outside. Once we moved in our furniture, it started to feel more like home. We only have a few lingering boxes on the main floor - the rest of our occasional-use stuff (i.e. Wayne's garage stuff!) is still in boxes lining the basement. I've spent most of my time in the house, unpacking and reorganizing and cleaning. Which is fine by me cuz it's really cold here. Okay, it's not THAT bad for Manitoba (-4 to -7-ish during the days), but cold enough for me to enjoy being indoors. Dora loves the snow, though, so she's had fun when we do take her for walks around the base.

Today was the first time I ventured out on foot without Wayne. Heidi and I took Dora for a trot around the base and promptly got ourselves tangled up in a web of streets like "Lundy's Lane," "Petawawa Crescent" and "The Packway." Um, yes, I miss Surrey's fool-proof "streets-run-north-and-south, avenues-run-east-to-west" grid! But we sorted ourselves out and soon found ourselves back at the familiar school. Thankfully, the schools, community centre, gym and churches are all centrally located on the base, so if you can find your way back to that area, you're safe. :)

I went to a playdate next door yesterday, where there had to have been at least 8 or 10 military moms with at least one or two kids each - it was a tad overwhelming! I mostly listened (and desperately tried to remember people's names) but it sounds like there is plenty for moms and kids to do around the base. I just need to get my butt over to the family resource centre next week to find out all the schedules and to register Heidi and me for things like water babies at the new pool.

Wayne was given 5 days off when we got here to move in all our stuff, which was great, as there was a lot to do. He's now been "at work" since Tuesday. He comes home for lunch almost every day and is home by 4 pm - it's awesome! But weird to see him so much - haha. Right now, he's working with 1RCHA (1st Royal Canadian Horse Artillery - although I haven't seen any horses! I think it's an old-school name), which is also known around here as "One-horse." He has been given a position in Headquarters and Services. So far, so good! It's cool to see him come home in his uniform - it makes the past year and a half seem worth it.

Heidi is doing well - won't be long until she's sitting on her own. She's experienced the Jolly Jumper and her high chair for the first time this week, and loves both. She did go a week without pooping, which could be attributed to the move, as most moms have reassured me. But with the help of some prunes and water, she is back to normal.

It's very strange to finally be here, but fun at the same time. I have to admit that I think I'll like it here more than I expected/wanted to, especially once the snow thaws. I'll try regularly log our adventures here for those of you back in beautiful BC who want to keep up with this newfound military family.


  1. YAY! Love the update... I have kind of a "Pleasantville" idea in my head when you talk about the streets. Hopefull you put up some pics when you are all sorted out!

  2. Yippee!! I was hoping you would post soon about your new home. I am soooo glad it is better than your expectations. Sounds like a lovely community there is Shilo!

    Please keep us all updated!

  3. Really glad to hear you are settling in!

  4. Good to hear from you, and yes we look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

  5. Thank you for the update! Glad to hear there are lots of activities for you to choose from, sounds like it will be a good adventure.

  6. So great to hear more about your new home! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :) Sounds like there is lots to do... beside the fact that Wayne is home so much! How wonderful! You've definitely put in your time for that and deserve it :)