Friday, July 30, 2010

::What I wish I'd known::

Being a military wife...

  • reveals your true character...and your husband's
  • opens your eyes to the world's needs
  • creates fantastic friendships
  • lets you meet people you'd never otherwise meet
  • allows you to experience more of the country you've signed up to defend
  • means you have a room dedicated entirely to Army kit, including framed certificates and course platoon photos
  • litters your foyer with at least 4 pairs of Army boots and a gym bag
  • often leaves your bed half empty
  • means attending functions as one half of a couple, and being okay with it
  • means attending functions AS the "Army wife," and trying to remember ranks, who to call "Sir/Ma'am," and at whom to just smile and nod
  • brings emotional challenges most will never face
  • builds trust in a marriage
  • entails memorizing useless acronyms (2PPCLI, 1RCHA, PMQs, GSH, OCC, MFRC, DIT, PATA, PAT, ROOBDO, RCPO, TSM, BSM, TC, TL, FFE, etc. Yes, I know what all these mean, but there are about a million more than I've yet to learn)
  • requires listening to the artillery guns shoot in the field while trying to fall asleep, and feeling sad that some people in the world have to hear it every day WITHOUT living on a base
  • brings opportunity...
  • ...and heartache
  • means you have to find your place in the domestic side of military life
  • brings camaraderie in times of need
  • requires strength...
  • and thus, requires God's blessing


  1. meg,
    i love this. you're so candid and raw. it's perfectly imperfect. and i love that you still linked up, even though it's friday...

    thank you for giving me insight into what you face on a daily basis. love you. e.

  2. I can't imagine walking in your shoes. But you are so strong! You're doing it well, army wife.

  3. Wow. All those inital things were making my eyes hurt! I can't believe you know what they all mean : ) I think that means you are a superstar! : )

    I loved your three things list at Enjoying the Small things : ) It made me smile.