Friday, July 22, 2011

::Upcycled diaper bag::

Another sewing project! I'm on a roll...

Heidi has a pair of corduroy overall she never wore. I loved them so much - the print is so happy and fun - that I carefully hung them in her closet and waited and waited until she would grow big enough to wear them. Of course, they were given to me when she was newborn, and I had no reference point for how fast she would grow, especially as the product of two tall parents.

Alas, twelve months came and went and I thought surely, they would still be too big. But by the time I thought to bring them out of the closet, they were too short! (I wasn't sewing at the time, or I would have thought to cut them off into a romper.) They have been sitting all this time in Heidi's closet, and eventually made their way into the "to sell" pile of Heidi's massive wardrobe.

Then I found this tutorial, which shows you how to make a diaper bag alternative with a pair of children's overalls! I loved this idea, especially because my diaper bag, which I also use as a purse, has been slowly accumulating more and more stuff now that I have two children! (I'm a "just in case" type of person, ok?) It's intended to enable Mommy to use her own purse and have detachable diaper bag, so she doesn't have to constantly switch her wallet, keys, makeup, etc. from the diaper to her purse when she does go out without her kids (rare, I know).

But what a perfect way to continue to show off this fun print and make it functional, too. And once I'm done with diaper bags (when will that be???), Heidi can use it. (They were her overalls, after all.)

My only problem was that the straps on these overalls weren't adjustable; the overalls did up in the back with a zipper. This wouldn't allow me to attach the bag to the straps of my purse. So, when I cut off the legs just at the crotch to sew up the bottom of the bag, I reserved the snaps that followed the length of the insides of the legs and created my own adjustable straps! I cut on the seam of the original straps, folded them down and zigzag stitched the new snaps on.

(Yes, that's crooked stitching below that snap, but I'm no perfectionist when it comes to projects for myself). 

This could not have been an easier project. It's the perfect way to preserve some of your favourite kids' clothing!

The finished bag, full of goodies!

The essentials.

My current purse...

My current purse with the diaper bag attached. Fun!

If you live in the area and would like me to convert your child's overalls into a detachable bag, use my contact form at