Monday, September 19, 2011


Fall is my favourite season. It used to be for the fashion. Now that I'm a mom and live in the Prairies, it's admittedly mostly for the food. (Ha!) All things pumpkin BEG me to consume them, and anything warm and savoury is pretty much guaranteed to make me want to snuggle in with the family and enjoy a quiet night at home, wearing socks and sweaters, playing a good ol' game of cards.

Earlier this week, I went into my well-loved recipe file and pulled out the list of yummy soups I'll be making in the next month or two. They include beef barley vegetable, French onion, butternut squash, cheater chicken noodle (made with a store-bought rotisserie bird), and, of course, Jamie Oliver's Spanish Chickpea & Chorizo soups.

But I must say, while French onion soup is one of my classic all-time faves, The Pioneer Woman's Sherried Tomato Soup offers a delicious grown-up twist on a childhood staple. Heavy cream, fresh herbs and an entire cup of cooking sherry give Ree's version an extra warmth that is unrivaled. (Well, I'll bet most of the "warmth" comes from the sherry!) Paired with her buttery thyme bread, you can't go wrong. This is definitely tonight's supper. I needed to use up the last of our garden-fresh tomatoes, anyway!

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