Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newbie, Danya's day, Happy Easter & Mums rock

So, this post is four-in-one. I tried to upload the photos in order of subject, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why Blogger does them backward. Argh. Oh well.


I'm thankful I got a readable photo of this card, given to me by my coworkers at Focus the day I left. Dora, wanting to let us know how annoyed she was that we left her home alone today, saw fit to rip it into tiny pieces and suck on the paper. Lovely.

However, upon my arrival at my new job, my new boss had left this gorgeous bouquet of tulips on my desk with a personal note, saying how excited she was to have me on board. What a warm welcome!!! They lasted a full week and even served as the centrepiece for Danya's bridal shower on Good Friday.

And here is the lovely bride herself, on the left. Home from Quebec for the last time until her wedding in September, we threw her bridal shower and stagette on Good Friday - yes, a tad early, but all in good fun and what a celebration of love it was! Danya was especially ecstatic to see Amber, a dear friend from church and high school, who now lives with her young family in Calgary.

Abby Pyett, Helena DeJong and Jackie Block, posing pretty. Rose, Jackie's mom, put together a fantastic little photo slideshow of the day for Danya!

And this is my contribution to a domestic Easter this year - courtesy of the BEST dollar store in the world, in Fleetwood, beside She's Fit on Fraser Hwy.
tee hee!

The new image we bought at Homesense for our kitchen. It's now hung, but this was taken when we were deciding whether we liked it. Obviously, it was a keeper! Bargain hunting hints courtesy of Remy Perkins! Homesense is awesome. (Honourble mention: the corner cabinet in the background is Wayne's newest pride and joy. It holds all our glassware and has freed up a ton of space in our (very few) cupboards in the kitchen. IKEA = storage options.)

And they day before I left Focus, my mum dropped by with a sweet card and a stunning spring plant to commemorate my move to Coast. The hyacinth is still making our kitchen smell stunning!

Hope your Easter was full of reflection and gratitude.
Love, Meghan

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