Sunday, June 29, 2008

My little brother has graduated

Well, it's official: I'm OLD.
My brother, nine years my junior, graduated high school this month. Didn't I just change his diapers and feed him pureed carrots last week???
It's strange being a sibling - being someone's family but really having not much in common with them, other than our parents and their home. It will be interesting to see where Zach's passion for acting and the theatre take him.

Dad swears he'll "stumble" upon a part, or someone he knows will know someone, and he'll land a job that will somehow get him to where he wants to be: Broadway. He's lived his whole life like this - relaxed, no worries, taking whatever comes his way.

A handsome lad, isn't he?

Here's to you, Zach, and your bright future. Thanks to your milestone achievement, I now realize I'm only two years away from my high school reunion.

Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.


  1. Wow, i remember when your mum travelled across the world to pick him up and he was only 2! shit that means im old! love ya meg!

  2. Meg! I found your blog through Shawna Laderoute's blogsite. Small world! Glad you're doing so well. Lots of warm thoughts & love.
    Andrea, Andrew & Kate Briscoe (Focus peeps)

  3. Andrea!

    Do you have a blog too? I have no idea how to contact you... :)