Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's not what you think

Since Wayne is making it his mission to let the world know about my "incident" last night, I figured I should just bite the bullet and put it all out there.
'Twas his birthday, and I took him for a lavish European-style picnic at Redwood Park in South Surrey. We had French baguette, dijon, goat cheese, prosciutto, garlic havarti, artichokes, pickles, veggies - the works!

"Wanna go lay on the quilt and throw the ball for Dora?" he says after we've stuffed ourselves silly.

"Sure," I say. "Let me refill my wine."
As we sit and canoodle, and the silly puppy runs around like...a puppy, I hold Wayne's beer and my cup of wine to make sure she doesn't trample them in her travels...all while lying half-down on my elbow, the way a picnic-er does.
Then, as a flash of fuzzy brown and white whizzes by, I topple on the elbow and, in a split second reaction, do my best to save...

...the beer. And where does the wine go? Sideways. On my lap. Lovely.

At least it was white wine (indeed, the wine mentioned in my previous post). As Wayne laughed, and my legs got cold, I said, "The things I do for you, Wayne, to keep you amused...The things I do."

Happy birthday, dear!


  1. Don't feel bad, Sicolo did the same thing a couple days ago at work. Full glass of water, came into a meeting and spilled it all right down the front of his pants. Yeah, we'll never let him live that one down.

    Oh, and happy birthday, Wayne!

  2. really? Awesome! You can send him the link and let him know we're in it togetheer, man!

  3. The pictures say it all. Actually,w when you wrote "Lovely" i could hear you say it. Good memory.