Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rockridge '08

The Pinnacle Trail
Rockridge Canyon
Ladies' Retreat 2008
Cedar Grove Church See that peak on the mountain above? I was there yesterday. No, really. I was.

It started out like any other trail: a sign, an arrow, colourful leaves beckoning us to explore the unknown territory beyond.

"What a beautiful setting," we ambitiously say to one another as we set off on a tw0-hour hike, which our guide, Amber, says, "Isn't too hard, but it's steep and narrow."

Pffff, we think to ourselves...

...until we hit the inclines. Until our lungs begin to ache. Until sweat begins to drip from our heads and backs.

45 minutes later, we reach the magnificent peak and the tumultuous skies that have rumbled all day open up and release the rain. What a feeling. No cars, no sirens, no dogs barking. Just us and the Lord, face to face, with the sky moving a million miles an hour and the valley below reminding us of how far we've come.

This, my friends, is accomplishment.
More on the message of the weekend to come.


  1. thinking of you meg. call me anytime. hope things are great with you!

  2. My mom did this trail last year too -- said that she felt like death doing it, but it was beautiful! You look good for hiking!!