Monday, October 27, 2008

Sleep deprivation week

No, I'm not talking about myself. In fact, I feel bad for even changing my FB status to a comment about my lack of sleep.

That's because this week, from Monday to Friday, Wayne's platoon is enduring "Sleep Deprivation Week" in the field. That means not only is it a cumulative, hands-on test of everything they've learned up to this point in IAP (Initial Assessment Period), and not only are they stuck outside for five days in Quebec, where it's already dipping to -4C at night, but they have FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP allotted over the ENTIRE five days. (!) I suppose it's an hour per night - or smaller segments broken up.

Yes, it's as disgusting as it sounds and if there are two things in this world Wayne despises, it's being tired and being cold. harumph.

Speaking to him last night for the last time (until this coming Saturday) was the first experience we've encountered where we were both scared for him and neither of us could do or saying anything to make it better. They call it Hell Week. I can't imagine why...

It gets so bad that they can't go anywhere without a buddy and they can't even use live ammo in their weapons in case of accident; they are using blanks instead. I don't know how the human body can survive this experience, especially in the cold and wet. Today and tomorrow, it is raining and hovering around 5C, while Wednesday will be snow mixed wth rain and around 1C. Thursday will be -3C and Friday, their final day where there are also forced to do a 13km rucksack march, will be 10C.

The only positive thing I could think to say to Wayne was, "Better to learn how to survivie this here where you're safe than in the Afghan mountains." I didn't feel too supportive.

Please pray for Wayne and his platoon this week. He's already dropped 25 lbs. and really doesn't want to lose any more. They are eating Army rations this week, too, which will be a shock to the system.


  1. Ewwww. That sounds like a nightmare. Will be praying for Wayne especially this week.

  2. Thanks, Jules. And I for your house hunting endeavours!