Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 years ago today…

…I was hiking the Skookumchuck Trail on the Sunshine Coast with my boyfriend, Wayne, wondering which pocket of his my engagement ring was hidden in. I, who had known for a month that the rings were bought and this trip was planned to facilitate a proposal of the nuptial variety, had carefully applied a little mascara and lip gloss, knowing that at the end of the trail, in front of the swirling rapids, a photo would be taken to commemorate our new status as fiancé/fiancée.

The poor guy thought he was so slick, and to this day tries his darndest to make surprises, well, surprises. It doesn’t usually work (like the time he bought me diamond earrings for Christmas on our joint VISA, then threatened to return them because the surprise was ruined when I looked at the statement).

But today, it worked. The man of my dreams, who is stuck in Quebec and has much more stressful things to worry about, had his father deliver flowers to my office to commemorate that moment three years ago. The card reads: “Remember the Skookumchuck. Love always, Wayne.”

Life only gets better. What a prince! Happy (engagement) anniversary, Wayne!

The engagement pool at work - they bet on what day and time during that weekend away that he'd pop the question.


  1. Great post Meg! Happy (engagement) anniversary!

  2. A+ Wayne! That is the sweetest thing...

  3. still WAITING for a new post!