Friday, January 23, 2009

Ooooh, pretty!

There's nothing I like more than pretty things. And it's my birthday, so free pretty things are even better,

I present - my new blog layout! Thanks to Laura and her similar taste in pretty things, I have a pretty background! I always wondered how all you gals managed to have such gorgeous blogs - now I know!

I pass on the wisdom to you. They give you the instructions to download the background to your blog, it’s super easy. Here ya go!


  1. ohhhh, I LOVE IT!! Good choice! And yay for pretty things... and birthdays!! :)

  2. Very pretty!

    Happy Birthday once again! :)

  3. i really like this look... very funky. and pretty :) e.

  4. Sorry I missed your bday! I suck. Love the new blog layout. I've been meaning to change mine, too. One of these days . . .

    Hope you had a great bday!