Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I love to cook and bake - it's no secret. But last night, I stayed up late, even fell asleep on the couch, to make bread...that didn't work. GAH! I know - some reviews on the recipe said it came out dry for them more than once. But I thought, "They must have done something wrong." Nope, they didn't. Cuz I followed it to a T and the heavy olive oil loaf crumbled apart in my hands this morning. What a waste of time and ingredients. Or was it???

Such as in life, not everything works out as "planned." We can have all the perfect "ingredients," an "oven" set to the perfect temperature, take the time and care to assemble the "recipe" as directed - and still, sometimes things just don't work out.

And that's ok, because at least I tried.

This was my life lesson for 2008 - I love when He gives us subtle reminders of His mercy and His sovereignty in the everyday things. Like my crumbly loaf of bread.


  1. so true meghan! so often i plan things, which just don't work out. i think we've both undergone one of the hardest things to 'let go of' ... and yet, we had no control over that, either. in many ways it's reassuring: knowing we're in the hands of someone who, when it's supposed to work out, will make it perfect. e.

    ps. i love to cook too. i should send you my homemade bread recipe.

  2. I've got a fabby recipe too - I'll FB it to you....seriously, it's no fail! Make it and a great bowl of chili, yum yum!