Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If I were an animal...

...I would be a giraffe.

It only makes sense. Tall. Freckled. Efficient (why bend down to eat when I have this convenient long neck to eat the luscious green leaves of the tree tops?). Easy childbirth (plop!). Boys fight over you! And you get to be in funny shows.

I just think it would be cool, that's all.

(This was brought up in an editorial meeting today. Don't ask me how. Because I can't remember.)


  1. Okay, the giraffe giving birth?! I've never seen that before! Standing up, even... crazy! The poor baby giraffe, just lying there after plummeting to the ground - thud! Welcome to earth! Sweet though how the other giraffes came over and nudged it :)

  2. I love the comment on that video about the zebra...

  3. I love the plop. What a distance! Suprised not more giraffes have are permanently crumpled!