Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stroller madness

Well, this Saturday, MIL is taking me shopping for baby's new wheels: a stroller. I have done the research and have narrowed it down to two, taking into consideration that what looks and sounds fantabulous and trendy for city life in B.C. is NOT what we need. When we're living in Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick next winter, we need some serious traction, durability and strength.

Phil & Ted’s Sport (I've had my heart set on this one for a long time)

BOB Revolution (This one is comparable but has MUCH better reviews)

I am now leaning toward the BOB but the only drawback is that it does NOT have the doubles option. I thought having that option would be especially helpful as I make friends in our new new neighbourhood and babysit their kiddos; that way, I could still go for a walk or to the store without one toddler whining the whole way about walking. Then, once we have a second bambino, we don't need a doubles stroller.

What do you think about this? You can skim the reviews on those links for yourself if you like, but here are the nuggets I picked out for each:

BOB Revolution

Easy to manoeuvre
Awesome sunshade coverage
Lightweight (22 lbs)
Great suspension
Worth the $$$
Drives itself
Easy to wipe clean
Turns on a dime
Good for tall people (don’t kick the wheel axle when jogging)
Washable fabrics?
Great customer service
Babies constantly lulled to sleep
Swivel front wheel for strolling can be locked for jogging

Large frame (I’ll see how it fits in my trunk)
No doubles option
No accessories (must be purchased separately = $$$, but this is standard)
Crotch strap not adjustable (but slouching should be remedied by adjusting upper harness)
No tire pump
Footbrake hard to reach
The JJ Cole Bundle Me (which we have) doesn’t fit well

Phil & Ted’s Sport

Doubles kit!
Versatile (more than two configurations for the doubles)
Great customer service
Perfect for air travel
Fits in trunk
Small footprint
Great for stores and crowds
Lay flat feature for newborns
Good shocks

Foot rest made of fabric (gets muddy with toddles)
Foot kicks wheel axle while jogging (for peeps with a long stride like Wayne and me)
Stiff/hard-to-use brakes
Cheaper quality
Doubles seat too low for walking in fresh snow?
Fussy to fold
Sun shade not big enough
Can’t reach foot brake with double kit in use
REALLY BAD instructions for assembly


  1. I've been through my fair share of strollers, at the current moment I have 4 hanging in my garage and one parked in the garage - you would think that we could drive ourselves in these things!

    I've been a Peg Perego worshiper and I LOVE them. They are not sporty but they are small car friendly, sturdy, light and SO easy to move around.

    Since I had 2 babies 17 months apart, I ended up moving quickly from a single to a double, but still needed/wanted to use the single sometimes....aka: Daddy just has the older one, I have the baby. Really having the options is amazing!

    But all that to say, last summer when I was feeling like I wanted to become more active (& we were going camping on the beach w/ a 9 month old and 2 year old) I decided to get a generic Sears brand double (side by side stroller) off of Craigslist for $125.00. It's an amazing stroller, I've never liked to use a jogger stroller unless your doing just that, jogging. I just don't think it looks right - that's just my stupid thought, not the way it needs to be!

    But through having all of my strollers, there have been specific times that I have NEEDED each one, for instance, my toddler and baby were too close in age I didn't trust my toddler to keep his fingers out of the new babies eyes, nose & mouth so having my Peg (front to back) double stroller was great for that because I could also stick the babe in his car seat in there and not have him in arms reach to big brother. But all for only a time. Soon enough Jacob wanted to walk by himself and so we were back to the single stroller.

    But now we're not really using either stroller (the Peg single or double) hence the reason we're selling them.

    However, I loved having the options, but everything is just for a season.

    Sorry, that obviously doesn't really help! I guess go with your gut, I know my SIL has the B.O.B and loves it!

    Sometimes things change and you may need to invest in a low cost double jogger that will make life easier with two little ones - I felt like you that the stroller I bought was more of a "lifetime" item, but learned quickly that it isn't - oh and I have bought all of my strollers except one off of Craigslist.

    The one I didn't purchase off of Craigslist was this one:
    I loved that one too because it was lightweight and perfect for me to take out of the car just after I had the baby and wasn't used to lifting him (with car seat) out of the car for a quick grocery stop. It was a God send...that might be an option for you when you have another baby and the older one isn't yet ready to walk the whole I'm blabbing on...keep us updated on what you decide!

    Happy Shopping!

  2. Hey Meg.....the stroller debate. We recently bought a used Bob Revolution and I am in love. I wasn't a fan of the P&T mostly because they are generously more for a single. There is a strap that attaches to the brake on the Bob and has a loop to put it around your wrist and it is SO easy to apply and release. Keep in mind that the Bob will maintain it's value and will be SOO easy to sell for almost what you paid to get a double. We didn't like that one poor child would be stuck under the others bum and not able to see anything with the P&T.
    Best of luck with your search....I would TOTALLY recommend the Bob.

  3. Oh and yes the fabric is super easy to keep clean.....

  4. Christy HickmoreJune 11, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    Hey Meghan,

    I have a terrific friend whom is a SHM with two stunning children, Ava (2) and Preston (3 Months). She researched extensively on strollers and I asked her about your options. This is her feedback:

    1. The BOB: Good quality stroller, decent support but not great support for infants. You’ll defiantly need to use the car seat in the buggy. This stroller is heavier. Yet, two of her friends have them and they are a good stroller. She thinks this would be your best choice, especially since it’ll be a bit heavier for ice, snow, etc.

    2. Phil & Ted: the seats are awkward, especially when you may have two babes in the stroller. Kids can’t interact with each other because one kid is underneath the other (I don’t understand the configuration, but she seems to). And the child underneath doesn’t get to look at anything (which is usually what keeps them content in the strollers)

    HOWEVER, she has a Valco Baby stroller and L.O.V.E.S. it. They have doubles options, great insulation, waterproof, and tons of options (including a sleeping bag four season muff that keeps the child warm and toasty from head to toe). She has also offered to bring her Valco Baby Stroller to a girls night if you’d like to join us so you can check it out :)

    Glad all my friends have done all this research for me in advance of my baby. hee hee

  5. Oh, the stroller debate!! All I can say is that we ended up with the Valco Baby stroller and LOVE it!!! (we actually ended up finding the exact one we wanted on Craiglist for $400 instead of $800 in the store!) You can buy the "jump seat" for it to make it a double which was something that was important for us too. It is so easy to push/manouver, has a tire pump that is in a little pouch underneath so you always have it with you, folds down nicely, foot rest isnt made of fabric so its easy to wipe clean, really easy to use foot break..hmmm, what else....I dont know but I LOVE it and highly recommend it!! I have friends with the phil and teds and BOB but for what you are needing I think the Valco would be awesome for you. Just my opinion! Hope it helps!! Let me know if you have anymore questions about it! Hopefully we can get together soon! have fun shopping!! :)

  6. Oh, and I dont mind stopping by if you want to take a look at it (I know your other friend offered too but if she cant do it before you go shopping and you are interested, let me know!)

  7. Meghan,

    I thought the Phil and Teds Sport didn't fully recline flat like the Phil and Teds Dash. Also, if you're concerned about the foot rest getting dirty, the Dash has a plastic covered foot rest. The Dash has hand brakes instead of foot brakes which I think would be easier (especially when wearing sandals). And then you don't have to worry about not reaching it when using the doubles kit.

    Let us know what you end up with!

  8. I haven't done much research on either, but Jeremy did back when we were stroller shopping. I'm pretty sure the BOB got much higher ratings than the P&T in Consumer's Report. We tried out a P&T once and were annoyed by how often we kicked it, and neither one of us has a very long stride. We thought the add-on second seat option was cool, but it would be pretty boring to be that kid who can't see anything. We decided to go with a single, because hopefully by the time we have a second kid, Piper will be walking or could at least be pushed in a cheap-o umbrella stroller (if we were both out).

    Anyway, good luck! I'm sure both strollers are really nice when it comes down it. Nothing will be perfect anyway, and your baby will likely love napping in whatever you buy. :-)