Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wayne and I are delighted to welcome our daughter Heidi London Baxter into our little family! She arrived Saturday, September 12, at 9:20 am after three hours of active labour. Apparently, that is fast. I didn't realize that counting the hours of "labour" doesn't start until it's considered "active" labour, which, for me, began around 6:15 am. I thought my labour would have been considered to be 9 hours long, as my initial contractions began at 12:30 am.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to relay the entire birth story; I'm busy writing it out by hand in my journal as I nurse, and perhaps will one day post it for those of you who like reading that stuff (before I had kids, I always found them kinda weird, but as a new mom, I'm now totally interested!). But it is to say that we are all healthy and happy, and the best part was that Heidi arrived exactly 24 hours before Wayne was set to take off again for Gagetown, NB. I admit, I DID give God an earful on that issue, hmmm, about 7 hours before contractions started. I should know by now that coming to the end of myself is the only way God will work in my life. For three weeks, I was holding out for my "plan": to have Heidi while Wayne was here. But as Wayne's date of departure drew nearer, I toughened up, shut myself off from Him, and held out for God to do things MY way. Only when I broke down and was truly honest with myself, and Him, did I allow Him to take over.

And boy, did He ever!

More on all this later. Time at the computer (especially to type with two hands) is rarer now. For more frequent updates, check me out on Facebook. The time it takes to compose thoughts and spell them correctly on this blog may prove to be a little much for a while. At least with FB, I can think in stops and starts. But I will be trying to maintain my writing as best I can.

Cheers. And thank you for praying on our behalf. I know the Lord was listening.


  1. So wonderful to hear a little more about your story, and your daughter's arrival! I can't wait to hear the whole story :) God is so good! I'm SO glad Wayne was here for the delivery and got to spend Heidi's first day with her. What cherished memories for him as he endures the last 4 months of training!
    Congrats once again, my friend.

  2. I loved this post Meghan. Every bit. Thanks for writing!! God is Good.

  3. Congratulations on the safe and timely arrival of your wee girlie! Blessings to you and Wayne!

  4. God is like that, isn't he? Just wants our full attention. Your daughter is so beautiful Meg! Love to you... Emily.

  5. A belated congratulations to you and your family. Welcome, Heidi! All my best wishes for eternal health and happiness.

  6. I thought I left a note here...Congratulations on Heidi - she's a beauty!

    Can't wait for another update! xo, *S