Monday, May 10, 2010

::Baby quilt::

The title of this post is appropriate in more ways than one: not only did I decide to start with this simple, "baby quilt," but I feel like the pattern is for "baby" quilters. Like me.

Except, its not for a baby.

I took Heidi to Farbicland the other day to get some ideas for her quilt, wondering what kind of "nice" fabrics a store in Brandon could possibly carry. :oS I was pleasantly surprised. There were a lot of Michael Miller fabrics - cool ones, too! I can understand how women spend tons of money on fabrics and just keep them lying around. I was tempted to get a yard of each of about 30 fabrics! I didn't see any Amy Butler, per se, but many collections were close in style and palette, that's for sure. I was especially drawn to the yellow, grey and black group, as well as a blue, green and brown group, that would make a fantastic quilt. But I need to first find "the" pattern for my Heidi, which will determine the size of print I choose.

Until then, I wanted to whet my quilting appetite by starting simple. I came across a collection of fabrics that gave me an idea to make a quilt for someone who may or may not read this I can't (yet) describe it or give details about my motivation for making it. But I will tell you that I am making the "baby quilt" but calling it a "lap quilt." (She'll never know! Until she reads this...) So I scooped up the main fabric, chose two others to match, and had the lady at Fabricland give me a metre of each (plenty of  material to screw up with for this first-timer).

Here's a photo of the matching fabrics I chose (not including the main one, which includes pink). This is part of the pattern for the back face of the quilt. It is a large print, actually. That middle square is 18" squared.

So I swung over to Wal-Mart to pick up the tools I needed - rotary cutter, mat, pins, scissors, etc. - and once Heidi went to bed, started cutting. It was much easier than I anticipated, actually. Those rotary blades are SHARP. Eight layers of fabric? No problem! It took me about 45 minutes to cut all 64 - 4.5" squares and lay them out on the floor. I watched the instructional DVD on my sewing machine and now know how to thread bobbins and work the machine - it really does come back like riding a bike.

And I can proudly say I have finished the entire front face of the quilt! I must include that my measurements were not always spot on (and my hastiness probably didn't help the situation, either), so it is a little, well, "homemade" looking. But what can I expect for my first go?

Once the quilt is finished and delivered (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), I can post the progression. Until then, it will be kept secret (shhh!) so as not to spoil the surprise.


  1. If you get addicted to making quilts...I heard about this group in the fall that makes quilts for wounded Canadian soldiers who have returned from war. They are called "Quilts of Valour". I would like to get into making quilts myself but have decided to put off any sewing until after we move and I set up a craft room.

  2. Thanks you, whoever you are! I will Google it.

  3. I just figured out that J is Jenn! :)