Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok relax, peeps. This isn't going to become a quilting blog. I am just a little lost and need some help. Well, a LOT of help.

I am now considering patterns for Heidi's aforementioned quilt. Most of the patterns I find are piece-y and muddy - a bit too spastic for this a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place gal. Because I want to showcase some chic and stylie fabrics, I need a pattern featuring large blocks of fabric.

So I have gone back to again (I tell ya, this site will rob me blind!). Here are some choices I have come across - oddly, all from the same designer. I can't seem to find any others I like.

The Rumba

The Amish Sampler

Times Square

The Manhattan


I'm leaning toward the Manhattan but I also think the Exclamation is pretty cool. Thoughts?

There's also this baby quilt pattern that's very DIY - maybe I could start with this and double or triple the size for the queen-sized one I want to make for Heidi. I do worry about it being "stipled." Isn't there an easy way to accomplish this myself? We don't have any quilt shops in Brandon. There are quite a few quilting bees, I'm told, though. Or maybe a local seamstress could give me a tutorial?

Have YOU got any leads for me?

PS - I also plan to make about a billion aprons. Like this adorable reversible and totally girly one, and this chic one. Oh yeah - and this fantastic one, too!

Yes, I will take orders. :)


  1. As a new ish quilter myslef, I only started about 2 years ago, I would say the baby quilt. The pattern allows for really nice and large pieces of fabric to be shown, but the pattern is very easy to follow and a great beginning quilt. If you have an fabric stores near by they may offer quilting classes. I took one at a local fabric store here, and I am looking into another! They are great! They teach you everything you need to know, and generally it is only once a week for a few hours for around 3 months. Then you have a finished product! Let me know how you make out!!

  2. John's Mom is a HUGE quilter... she even offers classes up in Quesnel where she lives. If you ever want her email address, just ask. I am sure that she would be thrilled to give you tips!

  3. hi Meg..of course, you could wait until your next trip home..there are lots of quilt shop options here, from the one down in Sullivan Stn to the Quilt shop down on west 10th? where I took some lessons years ago. Not to mention Bellingham and surrounding small towns. Lots to buy down there.Mom

  4. I love the same two that you love! actually the one my mom is doing for Addyson is in the burnt orange and hot pink just like the bottom one you like! Speaking of my mom, she is the quilting queen in our world and works at a quilting store out here in Chilliwack:) I have attached there website and there is a spot you can email them. Please feel free to fire her any questions I am sure she would be more than happy to help!!! Her name is Linda:) if you go to the website check out Amy butler she has fantastic stuff I think you might like:)

  5. I'm a little behind on your blog but I also root for the baby quilt as a start. This way you can make one as a starter project and then if you run into problems (probably won't) you won't stress over it because it's not Heidi's quilt. When you're done with the baby quilt, you could donate it to a woman's shelter or a new mom in town. (When I'm talking about starter projects, just think about the first sweater I knitted Heidi and how I couldn't even bring myself to give her that one; I'm sure you'll be more successful)