Thursday, June 10, 2010

::yes, please, and thank you::

My friend Danielle at A Late Bloomer posted her latest fashion desires via Polyvore today, a site that allows you to create your own personal collages of online fashion trends and styles. This has the potential to big a HUGE time waster...or wardrobe builder. (Riiiight, because maternity pay is AMAZING!) Anyway, I love her most recent collection, Arizona Love. If you knew her, you'd say, "That's SO Danielle!"

As I am having the same post-baby body issues (who doesn't? Except for those silly skinny-minis who walk out of the hospital in their pre-preggo jeans...gag), I was checking out the site when I came across the Red Hair Motif collections. YES! This got me very excited. The entire motif blows my mind, but my favourite is definitely Monochramatic Corals. I have always loved coral, but it's a difficult colour to find in stylish pieces. Thank goodness it's come back into style - I am now on the hunt for coral bargains in Brandon! (Ahem, and online...but don't tell Wayne...)

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