Monday, March 9, 2009

Pray the snow away?

Okay, I LOVE snow. I love winter. Being a West Coaster-er my entire life brings the hope of a white Christmas every year, though it's not often we get one that's anything other than slushy and grey. The past two years have been the only recent exceptions I can recall...except that one winter in the early '90s where we had about three feet of snow.

But snowing on March 9? C'mon. Four years ago this Thursday, my dear friends Danielle and Jordan tied the knot. I specifically remember it being SEVENTEEN degrees that day!!! A fluke? Yes. Enough to get my hopes up every March for sunshine and flowers? You bet. We didn't even need our shawls that day!

But nooooo...not this year.

So I look at their wedding pictures and wish for a warmer tomorrow. At least Dora loves the snow.

Happy almost anniversary, you two!


  1. oh no!!! i hope it doesn't spread this way! make the winter stop already!!

    here's to springtime and all the hope it brings... if it ever truly gets here. :) love em.

  2. Thanks Meggers! Look how young Jordan looks! Whoa - I've aged him! You should have a before and after picture - haha.
    Here's hoping for cherry blossoms, and sunny skies . . .

  3. I think you BOTH look young here!