Wednesday, August 24, 2011

::DIY dry erase board::

I think I have figured out how Wayne's and my relationship works:

Wayne has cool ideas & I make them pretty.

So simple!

For months now, this giant whiteboard has dominated our kitchen. It was originally purchased to be a weekly meal planner (Wayne's idea), but quickly turned into a weekly planner of all things Baxter. And while we were neat and tidy at first, our penmanship and care has gone down the toilet, making this great idea a total eyesore, in my opinion.

I recently came upon this tutorial for a DIY dry erase board on the SAS Interiors blog and thought how easy it looked, not to mention how much more decorative this functional item could be!

So off I went to Michaels craft store last night and boy did I score BIG. These two 11 x 17 frames were on sale for $5.99 each (yup!) and I took my chances with a coupon, which reduced them even further to $3.99 each! I couldn't believe my luck. I found some scrapbooking paper I thought would be nice (but not too feminine) in our kitchen, and it was on sale, too (5 sheets for $2). Together with the goodies in my craft box, I knew I could make this work.

After only an hour or so, this was the result! I made two small boards instead of one large one, and it remains a weekly board, not monthly.

I pretty much love it.

Now there's something pretty to look at in the kitchen! The old whiteboard is sitting in the basement, waiting for a new task. :)


  1. It looks wonderful Meghan! So glad to hear that I inspired you to make this calendar. I love how you used the idea, but adapted it t work for your family. All the best


  2. Just shared your project on my facebook wall ~

  3. It turned out so great! Love the damask paper :)