Thursday, January 10, 2008

Au revoir, Facebook!

Welcome to the new blog, one I intend to keep up this year. Not only to keep others informed and perhaps occasionally entertained, but also to keep me writing outside of work.

Today, a friend asked, "Hey btw, what’s up with you and Facebook? Tired of it, or choosing to be more “disciplined” in your internet use? I have toyed with the idea of closing down my profile, so I was curious as to what made you decide to do so."

Well, all you curious peeps, here is the answer:

"The first reason, which made me investigate my true motivations for using Facebook in the first place, was how annoyed hubby got when people he didn’t know too well, or people he hadn’t shared things with, asked him about issues or situations he hadn’t told them about. He, being anti-Facebook :o), “plays his cards a little closer to his chest,” doesn’t blurt out his issues and feelings like chicks (read: his wife) do. He kinda felt exposed (my fault) and mentioned it in passing, though I could tell it bothered him more than he cared to say. This made me wonder: do I need Facebook so much to the point where I alienate my husband and defend my right to put our lives on display for everyone to see? No.

The second reason is that yes, I totally spent too much time on there. I’d rather blog. At least it hones my writing skills. (No jokes, please.)

The third is that it became a little like high school – I developed "Friend-ships" out of convenience. You know how you realized who your true friends were once high school was over, because you didn’t see them all day every day anymore but you still kept in touch? I felt like I was wasting time on Facebook “friends” whom I really wouldn’t talk to in real life, unless I ran into them on the street or something. A false sense of…popularity, I guess. Also, I found myself taking my REAL life friends for granted, since I could keep up on their lives through their profiles, instead of through meaningful conversations and even intentional emails. Not cool for me.

So there you have it. I still liked Facebook, but this is what I felt I should do. And God didn’t argue me on it when I asked Him. So it felt right."

And the best part is the liberation that comes with it! I no longer am bound by the Facebook fad. And I know I am better for it.


  1. Those are exactly the reasons I left Facebook. Well, except for the husband bit, of course. :D

    Way to go!

  2. excellent thoughts meghan! btw, i love wine too and i think it's great you put your husband above facebook. i guess it helps that my hubby has it too... and since we work with teenagers, it's a very 'in' way of staying in touch with them. i just tire of the superficiality of it all... bless u. e.

  3. MEh - I must admit I've been back on it for a while now. But so is he and we find it's a great way for me to share photos with him, too. :)