Friday, January 18, 2008

Simile of the day

I love this. It actually made me self-analyse (!). Which am I?

From Gluten-Free Girl's blog, re. "misbegotten vegetables"

"Some vegetables are easy to love. Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers in season? These are no-brainers. Summer vegetables are like those young women who wear shirts with nothing left to the imagination and their pants hanging too low. It’s easy to see what those have to offer.

But winter vegetables, all the knobbly roots? They’re like the smart girl in school, the one with her own sense of style: thrift-store button-down shirts; old slacks; wacky suspenders; a bowler hat. You think she’s too weird for your time. But when she starts talking, and you find out she’s a smart ass, and she doesn’t give a damn if you even like her? Suddenly, she’s far more attractive than that other one.

Summer vegetables are like modern movies. Winter vegetables are witty-banter movies from the 1930s, where dialogue and long looks smoldered. The kiss in that final scene was far sexier than too much skin, any day."

I think I try to give the appearance of a conservative summer vegetable, while carefully guarding my true identity as a winter.

Et toi?


  1. I'm a winter veggie to the core and proud of it. ;-)

  2. Winter veggie here! At times I'm a (very) conservative summer veggie (it's nice to get noticed now and then) but I'm much more comfortable being a winter veggie. :)

    This is such a great analogy! I'm hanging on to it to share with my girl friends. Thanks, Meg! And thanks for posting a link to the article I sent (and my blog).

    Love your new blog!!