Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The importance of trust

Sorry for all the dog posts - sickening, isn't it? But we recently decided to let Dora roam the house while we're at work - with many things picked up off the ground, with the couches barricaded (she likes to floss with pillow zippers, apparently), and with doors to the bedrooms closed. We figured she wouldn't get into anything, since the only thing she's ever chewed is the couch cushion zippers, which are now blocked off.

Until today.

In classic puppy fashion, we came home to find this:
Yes, that's Wayne's very expensive and classy pair of (newish) leather kicks...dead. The holes for the laces are completely chewed off.
The guilty party:
"What shoe? I don't see no shoe...I refuse to see dis shoe you speak of!"

"Ooooohhh, DIS shoe. Riiight. Um, I..."

Daddy Wayne is not a fan of expensive chewed shoes - especially when the puppy had special privileges. Now those privileges will be taken away - gates go back up tomorrow! As punishment, Dora had to hang out with the shoe hanging from her neck for about 10 seconds ... so I could take this picture. Because really, we laughed when we saw the shoe. :) Wayne hates these shoes.

Poor puppy and the chomped shoe - she just missed her daddy!

(Hey, at least it wasn't one of mine!)


  1. That's classic...such a sweetheart, how can you not love that face?!!
    hugs to you and wayne!!

  2. I really think you need a real baby instead of referring to Wayne as "Doras' daddy"! :o)

  3. ooh... the stories we could share... but it's all worth the warm snuggles and wet kisses, isn't it?! :o)