Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wings to fly

So, this is (going to be) my first weekend officially UNemployed by the Dublin Crossing Irish Pub. And I couldn't be more thankful. Although I quit to have more "free time" and be less tired when I have time to spend with hubby on Sundays, I promptly filled this first weekend with social engagements and foodie obligations. However, does anyone hear me complaining? Anyone at all? No. I didn't think so.

Thursday evening will consist of planning the bridal shower of a dear friend (who shall remain sans nom...) with her mum and other West Coast bridesmaid (the wedding is in Quebec, so we are Team W.C. (West Coast, not wash closet - sheesh) and the other gals are Team Quebec. This should be fun - planning a wedding is so much more fun when you're not the bride, and this is my first opportunity since my own! It has also nudged my best high school buddy, Mrs. Remy, and I back into the realms of an active friendship, and her lovely spirit has already blessed me beyond what I could have imagined. What an awesome way the Lord has of creating foundations - even if the structure is not meant to be built right away, the foundation will always remain strong. Anyhoo, it is a pleasure to be planning this special events for our dear Quebec transplant together.

Friday, the Remster is throwing a joint pub-night birthday extravaganza for her hubby, Tyler, and our other pal, Miss D (Dalaena, whom I've known since kindergarten). Even though this will be held down thte street at the Dub, I have no problem, as long as I'm not the one serving us. =) This should be splendid! True closure, as I realize my transformation from server to patron - and gladly.

On Saturday, I will attempt to cook my very first lasagnes (with a little help from my current favourite Brit, Mr. Oliver) as well as my first loaves of Mum's French Bread. Should be delish! The folks from Units 40 and 15 will join us for an evening of food & drink and we shall be merry!

Sunday will take us to church, and then I will muster all my strength and put that pub uniform back on to help out my cousins, who own Ritz Catering, so they can complete a function at Victory Christian Centre.

A full weekend, for sure, but so much fun! Any tiredness I have next week will be because I've overindulged in friendship, laughter, family and joy. And that, my friends, is a GOOD reason to be exhausted.

Last Sunday, I attended my first ever Women's Breakfast at church. I got to know Tamara, Le-Anne, Cindy and one other gals whose name has slipped from my memory. Having been terribly preoccupied the past year (renos, selling, buying, moving 4x, dog, money, hubby's jobs, etc.), it was awfully nice to do something for myself that involved the Lord. I really hope this next phase of just pure "living" will be stuffed to the max with opportunities to fellowship, serve and even get to know other young couples struggling to stay connected. I'm even thinking about starting a small group in our complex - I know 3 households for sure are Christian, but out of 96 units, you'd think there'd be more. It IS almost Langley, after all. But what better way to bless our neighbourhood than to gather once every week or two to get to know one another and pray for each other and our complex? I haven't broached the idea with hubby yet - I need to pray more first. It strikes me as something he wouldn't want to commit to - but that's where God comes in.

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