Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things I love

Yes, well, it is Valentine's Day, after all. Why not post about the things I love?

First of all, I'll say it now: I {heart} YOU!

Now, on to the more serious stuffs (ahem)...

Chocolate . . . anything, really, but particularly: Nutella by the spoonful, Skor candy bars, After Eight dinner mints, Lindt chocolate, Cadbury Flake bars, Terry's Chocolate Orange ("Whack & unwrap"), Purdy's hedgehogs and peanut butter daisies, fondu, freshly baked, homemade chocolate chunk cookies, fudge and rocky road bars (without the nuts)

My mom's tiramisu - she may not be Italian, but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGG that's good!

Nana & Grandpa's homemade spaghetti sauce (they don't make it anymore but when I was little, I could smell it as soon as I walked into the house)

***why is this all food-related so far? Hmmm...

Pregnant bellies!

The sound of birds when I wake up in the morning (springtime!)

The way Wayne cooks salmon steaks ("slammin' salmon")

A hidden lake in the mountains


White-tailed deer

Europe and their fattening pastries

Dinner dates

Dancing with my love

My home

Good wine


Gingerbread molasses crackle cookies & triple grande extra hot no whip peppermint mochas at Christmas time from Starbucks

Worship music



My marriage to the love of my life!



Memories (I'm a romantic)

God's grace

Vacations in Beautiful B.C.

Time "wasted"

General shinanegans with the Wayner


Cold water on a hot day

A long drive on a sunny afternoon with a great disc in the player

Wayne's dimples

Staying up late and being creative

In the Motherhood

Seeing kids laugh

The SPA!!!

I'm sure there's more - what about you?


  1. I love many things! :) I used to do a love list every Friday, but haven't in a while. Maybe I'll do one tomorrow.