Saturday, June 25, 2011


Getting to know Oren was a pure joy. All parents know the first six weeks of parenthood are pure survival, and it’s no different the second time around. You just have to factor in a toddler! Heidi was (and still is) so sweet with Oren – we couldn’t ask for a better big sis for our little guy. Of course, he hasn’t started trying to play with “her” toys yet, either. ;) We made the mistake of introducing him to her as “your brother, Oren,” instead of just “Oren,” so she calls him “brudder.” And when she does try to say his name, it still comes out as “Onion.” Here is some footage of Oren's first day, and their first meeting, the day after he was born:

Wayne was quite apprehensive with Oren at first. When Heidi was born, he left less than 24 hours later to go back to Gagetown, NB, to complete his training. So he never lived life with a newborn, and this was all new to him. I admit, Oren reminded me just how small babies come, and they do seem fragile. So we learned together and gradually, Wayne and Oren have become good pals. Wayne even changes his diapers now!

My girlfriends on base, Laura and Amanda L., threw me a surprise baby shower for Oren. It was so nice! Poor Wayne was on the hook for getting me there, and is not the best liar (which is a good thing!), so I had a hunch. But I acted dumb and let him fumble his way through his excuses without calling him out. J Laura hosted and did such a great job. She even handmade wooden blocks with Oren’s name and some boy imagery burned on the sides. She is SUCH a talent! And Amanda made a stunning cake. It was so nice, I didn’t want to cut it! We had a blast and I was beyond blessed by the girlfriends I have made here.

Amanda and Becca 

More visitors came to see us in April: BFF Danielle and her daughter, Georgia. Georgia was 14 months old at the time and Danielle decided she would learn to walk while she was here. And sure enough, it worked! Heidi was ripping around Gigi all week until Gigi decided she needed to keep up, and that walking would help her cause. I caught it on video but for some reason, it won't load.  :(

They were here for Easter, and they wore matching dresses, made for them by Danielle’s mother-in-law, Joanne, who is an unbelievable seamstress!

 Gigi and Heidi went to an Easter egg hunt at the community centre on base and Gigi introduced Heidi to the glorious world of chocolate.

We really enjoyed having them here. We watched snippets of the Royal Wedding, drank a lot of coffee, and had lunch at Lady of the Lake. We even shaved Oren’s head, as all his hair on top fell out, leaving a cul-de-sac ‘do. He looked like George Costanza from Seinfeld, it was so ridiculous. Thanks to Danielle for the idea. It grew back quickly and much more evenly!

We miss you guys!

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