Friday, June 24, 2011


Wayne went to England for 10 days with his battery from the regiment to visit some British bases and learn more about the origins of his trade (Surveillance and Target Acquisition). He left two weeks before my due date and returned safely and before Oren was born (because my children arrive fashionably late, of course). He brought me a BEAUTIFUL wool shawl from Scotland, and of course, a commemorative magnet depicting Wills & Kate for the royal wedding!

Here he is at Edinburgh castle…

A lot of people were wide-eyed in shock when they realized I was “letting” Wayne take this trip to England so far along in my pregnancy. But I didn’t “let” him do anything. I thought it was a fantastic opportunity (how many people get a free trip to England?), and I knew he really wanted to go. Honestly, I would have felt horribly guilty if I’d asked him to stay home, and then the baby arrived past due anyway (which he did). I knew I would have been well cared for in Shilo in his absence if Oren had decided to arrive early. But he didn’t. I used to be much more cautious in these kinds of situations. But being an Army wife really makes you reevaluate your “need” for your husband’s presence at all times. Granted, I would have been terribly disappointed if he missed Oren’s birth! But I also understand that women around here do this ALL. THE. TIME., and that going to England was a great break for Wayne. It’s all about perspective.

The week of Oren’s due date (which was March 22), my cousin Sarah travelled with her hubby and four kiddos by car to Shilo from Surrey. They got to see our crazy spring snow and even delayed their trip home to meet Oren, who was born a week late. It was so good to have family here, and Stu cooked us an amazing roast beef dinner – we had leftovers for a week! Heidi had a blast with her (2nd? 3rd?) cousins!

Here is Heidi learning how to “play the drums” with her cousin, Oliver.

And then, OREN WAS BORN! March 29 was a good day. We met our son after an AMAZING birth at Brandon’s hospital with our midwife, Kari. I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, caring, and witty lady to share our experience and welcome Oren into the world. The amazing Amanda Lazarski photographed his arrival and the birth went so smoothly, I would do it again in a second! It was relatively short labour – had irregular contractions while Sarah & Stu were here, then again in the night, and went into the midwives’ office for 10 am. Leah swept my membranes, and we were at the hospital by noon. Kari broke my water and Oren was born that afternoon at 3:30! I wish my labour with Heidi had been so controlled. I really panicked with her. But with this one, I felt every little thing, and even though the pain was, well, painful, it was incredible to know exactly what was happening and what to do! If you’d like to see the photos (they are really not gory at all!), let me know and I’ll send you the link. Here are a few…

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