Saturday, June 25, 2011


Wayne’s sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Keith, arrived mid-May in their new trailer! It was pretty snazzy. And so roomy that they brought their two cats, Buzz & Muffin, and two dogs, Beagles Taboo & Koda, along for the ride. We had nice weather, and I learned to make some yummy gluten-free recipes for Keith.  

I wish we could have visitors every month.

In May, I also started volunteering to write for the Carberry News Express, a little newspaper in a small town just east of Shilo. Quite a few military members live there and make the commute into the base every day, and the community centre here does its best to make them feel included by running ads in their papers, as well as running a bi-weekly column highlighting local Army life. So that is what I am writing and I’m finding it fun and therapeutic, actually. It’s nice to have an outlet and to know I’m reaching people who live the same lifestyle. Hopefully, the themes I write on can open conversations and encourage camaraderie among military families in that town.

Then, after May long weekend, we packed up the family – Dora, too! – and hit the road heading west, toward Vancouver. We travelled for three days by car, stopping in Swift Current, SK, and Revelstoke, BC, for the nights. It was a really enjoyable drive. I must say: portable DVD players are a MUST for toddlers. ;)

The drive through the national parks and the mountains were stunning, and I love it every time. But I can’t imagine doing it in the winter with a packed vehicle and ice/snow/avalanches. I feel like it would make me an irresponsible parent to put my kids at risk by driving through the mountains in such conditions. So we are seriously reevaluating going to BC for Christmas this year. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have more visitors here, anyway? (hint, hint)

Here are some pics from our trip:

 Nana B. snuggles with Oren

Nana Wood hangs with Heidi, Gigi and Wayne's wallet. ;) 

Catherine Lake on the Sunshine Coast: heaven. 

 Giant prawns we ate for supper, straight from he dock below Wayne's parents' vacation home in Secret Cove. Mmmm....

 Granville Island!

 Wayne sweet new ride: 1996 Geo Metro. It made it all the way back to Manitoba - no problems!

 Tanning together. ;)

Coming home to Shilo was so nice. We really missed it here. The flooding is not gone, but it seems stabilized, and the weather has turned to summer.

I went for my first post-pregnancy run tonight and we’re feeling the need to BBQ every night. I am so happy summer is here. It’s much more motivating than winter.

So that’s been my life in a nutshell. Having two kids under two really doesn’t allow for much brain function, which is why I haven’t blogged lately. But I have great ideas and thoughts I want to write about! It’s just a matter of sitting at the computer uninterrupted to get them out on the screen. Ah, life. Everything is a season.



  1. Holy update Batman! Love it :) Glad things are going with with 2....and would love to get a peek at that wool shall ;)

  2. We had a great time at your house! Such great hosts! Thank you! Hugs from us and sloppy kisses from the beagles & purrs from the cats.