Wednesday, October 13, 2010


On our trip home from Vancouver, Heidi and I stopped in Golden, BC, for lunch. I wanted to treat myself to a nice meal (meaning, not Subway or McDonald's), so we headed to the Whitetooth Mountain Bistro, which is on the main strip of the downtown. It was mid-afternoon, so the lunch crowd had died down, and it was also a Sunday. Perfect for an unhurried mother sick of driving.

Even though it seems to be quite an upscale place, there was no problem providing a high chair for Heidi and they didn't even mind the mess her granola bars and MumMums made. But aside from that, I ordered the most amazing soup and salad combo I've EVER had. It didn't sound extremely gourmet, and I'm sometimes let down after ordering something I expect to be amazing, so I concentrated on helping Heidi get at least some food into her mouth (instead of on the floor) while I waited for my small spinach salad and soup of the day: tomato, roasted pepper and artichoke bisque.

What I got was an absolute treat and I've been recreating it since I've been home. First off, the soup was virtually orgasmic and presented so beautifully that I eagerly dove in without thinking to take a photo of it. Here is a similar recipe that can easily be tweaked to mimic what I had, I'm sure. Just add a can of diced tomatoes, and Bob's your uncle. I must remember when serving soups to garnish with some of the ingredients.

Anyway, maybe I'm low in iron and that's why I'm craving spinach so much, but I think about this salad every time I look at the spinach in my fridge. I also have the perfect dressing recipe, courtesy of RealSimple Magazine, to dress it up and bring out all the right flavours. The way balsamic vinegar compliments cranberries and feta just blows my taste buds every time.

While I haven't ventured to recreate the soup yet (I will!), the salad is my go-to light lunch option these days. Try it - I hope you like it!

Whitetooth Mountain Bistro Spinach Salad
Organic spinach leaves, washed and trimmed
Dried cranberries
Cashews (roasted, if you prefer)
Feta, cubed (or crumbled goat cheese, if you like creamier cheese)
Sliced beets (cooked, cold)*
Balsamic-dijon vinaigrette

*the bistro used a "beet tapenade," or puree. Here is a simple recipe I've found for beet tapenade; I've just been too lazy to make it, as I love beets plain.

Photos courtesy of Whitetooth Mountain Bistro website


  1. I like spinach salad, too. Recently I tried dried blueberries instead of cranberries, and that was also great. I usually do cherry tomatoes instead of the beets. So, if we're ever in Golden, eh? I don't even know where that is... :)

  2. Well, you can't get to Banff without going through Golden if you're on the #1!