Sunday, October 3, 2010

::the kick:

It happened today. Perhaps it has happened before but the baby squirming on my lap outside was distracting me from the baby on my inside.

That tiny kick, a sweet little *poke* from the depths of my womb, and nudge to say, "Psst, Mom! Down here! Glad you got rid of that other kid so we can spend some time together alone!"

While Heidi was at the church nursery, and I sat in bliss in a pew without a wily toddler on my lap, my stillness magnified the inner bump and I was instantly gratified. After hearing his/her heartbeat two days ago (a healthy 145 BPM) and watching my belly now get big enough to officially catch crumbs (who knew the uterus had such incredible muscle memory!), the teeniest action inside my body is what made it all so REAL.

I will have TWO children. In the next year. But it's so hard to envision this new baby - how could a child of ours look like or be anything but Heidi?! She's my world. She's my heart. I can't believe I am growing a second heart and getting ready to let it walk around outside my body!

I had better stop before my head blows up from thinking too much about this! It's mind-boggling. It's overwhelming. It's inexplicable.

And that's's a miracle.


  1. MEGHAN!! You made me cry!!! So Honest you are!

    Luv Suzi

  2. oh dear. it happened. i am bawling. beautiful, meg. i'm so, so happy for you friend.

  3. That's a wonderful moment and you worded it so well!

  4. Beautiful!! I loved that first moment when I felt Logan kick... I was in church too :o)

  5. Whaaa?! You're preggers again? Congrats! I wasn't sure when you wrote "baby #2" in your latte post, so I went digging around your blog. That's awesome! I was just thinking how crazy it'd be if I got pregnant now (monthly friend already came back, boo!). I also can't imagine loving another baby as much as I love Coram ... When are you due?