Sunday, October 24, 2010

::heidi walks::

Heidi technically took her first steps on Thanksgiving Sunday, going between the two couches in Holly's living room. But since then, she hasn't been interested in trying again. 

Until last night.

A friend would wait until she was scooting by toward me, pick her up and have her walk to me instead. Twice, she took five whole steps! There were many witnesses and I was very proud. (I was also holding another girl's newborn, so that may have been incentive to get to me!) And I figured it was a two-person job - one to steady Heidi and send her off, and another person to encourage her forward. Turns out, she is quite happy to walk toward me even if I am the one setting her on her feet.

Here is video of her third time walking all on her own. As you can see, she is pretty excited, too!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE how excited she is! Go Heidi!

  2. oh meg, this is PRICELESS! you are such a good mama. and she is so cute, i want to hug her. there will be no stopping her now!

  3. Wow she is gonna be hard to keep down now! And if she is half as energetic as we never remember being, lol, you have your hands full to over flowing! Everything up two more shelves! thats what I remember marking rolling crawling and walking by the most lol. I love the age where they can get a new view level from where they are standing to how fast they can move to get to it lol! Whether it be mommy or the dog or the other kids! lol Way to go Meg! now, NEXT! any names picked out yet?

  4. Hi Meg, Its Shirl in the Nam Can you send me your email address. I wanted to send you a message. Not sure if this gets through to you. I am slightly challenged. Your mom and Penny are in Cambodia until Friday night. I love the pic of Oren He is so cute. We have him on the fridge so we can look at that face. I love your blog. You are a great writer because I feel that you are in the same room just having a gas with me. Such a talent. Lots of Love(thats what I thought LOL meant) Shirl

  5. Shirl! My email address is I am not sure how else to send it to you except here. I'll try to get your address through Georgia. "LOL"! ;)