Monday, September 29, 2008

Cops for Cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley wrapped up last week, and look who was a not only a rider, but who donated her ponytail! Yes, that's Jilly, my favourite cop.
The riders arrived at Central City at 9 am Friday morning, where tons of volunteers and students cheered them on after days of gruelling biking 800 kms around the Fraser Valley (see Jill's blog for exact route). There was a donated pancake breakfast and the "corporate headshave," where people who've raised money toward cancer either chop their ponytail to donate to be used as wigs for cancer patients, or shave their head completely! One cop decided that day he would shave his head if he raised $1,000. Not only did people standing around donate the amount, the manager of the Central City Brew Pub threw in $2,000. Way to go!
All in all, Tour de Valley (only one of four tours) raised more than $213,000 for kids living with cancer.
This year, our corporate headshaven exec was our VP of Marketing, Lawrie Ferguson. She raised over $6,000 to shave her head and boy, does she look great.
Here she is before...she has quite a mop of thick hair!

Her donation.

The result. A success.
Here is the video of the riders arriving - it was quite emotional, actually. I got choked up thinking about the time these folks have spent on their bikes, training and riding, visiting schools, and getting almost no sleep. They really are champions for kids with cancer.

Until next year, guys!

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  1. Tour was so great this year! The riding is nothing compared to what our junior team members go thru with their cheemo and lumbar punctures and such. They are the real heros, we just put on a show. As for the sleep aspect, we choose between sleep and bonding (and indulging in a little schnik) ... Let's just say we're a tight team!