Sunday, September 14, 2008

Safe and sound

Just arrived at Danya's quaint little home in Quebec! What a beautiful city this is, although it's grey, foggy and rainy (we left behind 30 degree weather for this?!). I'm 3 hours from my hubby but cannot see him. Ah, well...

French, French, everywhere...I gotta learn this language! And beer at the gas station and grocery store -w00t!

Pictures to come!


  1. miss you already! i went on a boat cruise today and wanted to take you along too. next time, k?
    ya beer at the depanneur. love it!
    take care

  2. half an hour away? that is cruelty...

  3. Hey! Yes, I blog although it's a photo blog :) We moved to Langley and decided on a church closer to home so that's why you haven't seen us at the Grove lately. I hope your holiday is going well... rough that you are so close yet can't see Wayne, but I pray God keeps you strong and hope Wayne gets to come home for Christmas.