Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ah, yes. Don't you remember the ultimate "I have nothing nice or creative to say to you so I'll just write this" yearbook insult?

H.A.G.S. = Have a Great Summer

What a cop out this silly saying was. However, I must say that my little generation must have been ahead of the curve on the current text-talk craze, since we clearly were brilliant enough to come up with this catch phrase.

Ok, maybe not.

But seriously, isn't it SO true that if you conjured up the courage to FINALLY ask your high school crush to sign your yearbook on the last day of school, and he wrote this thoughtless, patronizing acronym, it was a surefire way of telling that he wasn't really into you?

{Side note: You leave it until the last day so that if he scoffs at you for walking near him without bowing down in worship, at least you wouldn't have to see him for the next two months!}

I digress. "Why is she writing about yearbooks?" you ask. "Isn't she, like 35? When was the last time she wrote in a yearbook?" ;)

In my blog journeys today, I noticed that VDO Princess posted a new link to one of her favourite timewasters: This nifty site allows you to upload your (or someone else's) photo and it takes you on a high school journey from 1950 to 2000, revealing your youth in all its generational glory! What a fun time I had with this - I thought you'd get a kick outta these:

Very Becky from Roseanne, don't you think?
(The first Becky, not Sarah Chalke)
Denim vests, anyone? You know you had one...


I'm pretty sure I looked NOTHING like this

when I acually graduated that year.


So sweet, isn't it? LOVE the finger waves. How'd they do that?

Lisa Loeb/librarian wannabe?


Yes, a fresh "Donna" from That '70s Show look will do just fine.

Maybe I will be able to pull off long hair, after all.


Nothing good came out of the '80s. Nothing.

And this is proof.

And finally...


Watch out! That hand under the chin is SO sincere.

It's my tribute to Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico.

Try it out and send me your pics! They're awesome.


  1. LOVE the pics! please never wear your hair fizzy, k?

  2. Ha, ha!! That's hilarious. I think you should send Wayne the 1994 photo and tell him you're trying out a new hairstyle while he's gone. He'll be psyched.