Monday, September 22, 2008


While the week in Quebec was wild and crazy (man, I am glad I'll never need to be in another wedding - it's fun, but tiring!), I am so glad to be home, in my quiet, clean house, with my sweet fuzzy roommate, Dora. We missed each other very much and our reunion rivalled that of long lost twins - okay, maybe not. But I was happy to see her nonetheless. Nana & Papa Baxter took good care of their furgrandbaby.

I ended up not taking many pics, as Remy's camera takes better shots anyway. I must say, we looked hot, all of us. The different coloured dresses were gorgeous (Danya has had this fall wedding planned for as long as I can remember!) and even though we had a hair fiasco (aren't the French supposed to be style leaders? - my "updo" consisted of 5 bobby pins and a look reminiscent of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), it was a glorious day. I ended up redoing Remy's and my hair, as well as Kate's, and all was well.

I could live in Quebec - the people are so gracious and kind, even if their English is as poor as my French. It's so neat to learn about another Canadian culture. Their wine may be quesitonable, but the beer is amazing. I proudly purchased Wayne a La Fin du Monde beer glass, because we buy a beer glass at every destination we travel to.

Here is a shot of my furkid from Nana B. from while I was away. Wedding pics will come in the next week or so. Salut!

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  1. Dora is growing up so fast!! :) And I'm glad you re-did the hair. The Dr Quinn look works for Dr Quinn and her alone.