Friday, September 12, 2008

"Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."

Yes, that's White Rock pier. Yes, we're jumping off in our skivvies at midnight. This was about four years ago. The scaredy cat at the top of the pic is Danya, a BFF. She's getting married next Saturday! And I get to travel to good ol' Quebec, where she transplanted herself, to be in her wedding. Remy and I leave tomorrow night.

Here is an ode to Danya, with pics revealing only a sliver of the shenanigans BFFs get into over the course of 13 years!
::Saying goodbye to "the girls" as she heads off to Quebec to follow a "boy" - her soon-to-be-husband, Dominic Lambert, also a respectable soldier for the Armed Forces::

:: Doing what she does best::

:: Helping me at my wedding dress fitting in 2006::

::Not real, but cute nonetheless - Danya, circa 1994::

::Before jumping off the pier::

::I was her date for a wedding where she performed::

::At 1827, in Fort Langley - a Christmas girls' night!Look how French she's become - such style! A certain je nesais quoi, oui?::

::Hm...spilled something on her front and getting personal with the automatic dryer at a club downtown while at a Swingset Champion show::

::Ah, the same show...pre-stain::

Can't wait to get there, Danya. Your wedding will be a blast! Bon soir!

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