Monday, August 3, 2009

::9 to go::

Well tomorrow is the beginning of the end, I think. Only nine more working days until I'm officially on maternity leave. Scary. Part of me wonders what I'll do when I wake up on August 17 with no where to be. The other part of me wonders how I'll get everything done in only three weeks before baby arrives! I'm doing a lot of that lately - waffling, feeling one way then another. Feeling excited and up for the birthing challenge one moment, then scared s***less the next!

Two women I know gave birth yesterday and though they are both "doing fine," I always wonder how they really feel. It's always bugged me when people say, "Soandso gave birth to a healthy baby boy/girl last night. Both mom and baby are 'doing fine.' " What the heck is that? I'm pretty sure that if you just pushed something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon, you wouldn't exactly be doing "fine." Elated? Yes. Glad it's over? Yes. Exhausted? Definitely. But "fine"? Um, isn't "fine" what you say when your husband asks how you are, when he should CLEARLY know there's a problem, that he's most likely caused? Isn't "fine" that pat answer you give when a co-worker or church greeter asks how are you are but you know they don't really want an answer? I think, in terms of birth, when people say "fine," it means the mom and baby survived without serious complications. But that could mean MANY things and it seems to always be so hush-hush when it comes to what actually happened in the birth room. It's like an exclusive club you can only join if you actually give birth yourself. I guess I'll be going through the hazing process for this club membership in about 4 weeks' time - but when I bust outta that joint (SMH), I'll be sure to let you know EXACTLY how I'm feeling. None of this "fine" crap.

A chuckle for the day.


  1. Ha, ha! Sometimes "fine" means, "Oh, you're pregnant, and I don't want to scare the pee out of you, so I'm just going to be vague and leave you blissfully unaware." Or it could just mean, "Mom is dealing with some icky, very personal, TMI-ish stuff, but overall, she's 'fine.' " Actually, the truth is, you really are fine after labor, it's DURING labor when the real stuff happens. After it's over, that baby makes everything else pale in comparison (at least, that was my experience). If you want to know the nitty-gritty, I'll be happy to tell you! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Julie. I just always wonder what the secrecy is about? It can't be THAT bad if women keep going back for more!

  3. Too funny. "Fine" covers a multitude of emotions, feelings, and pain. ;-) In all honesty, I wish someone had told me the "nitty gritty details" as Julie puts it. There was a lot about the healing process I hadn't considered or been told. Combine that with a uniquely long and traumatic labour/birth experience, and it's a miracle I'm willing to do it again some day! ;-) She's worth it though... every push, scream and tear. ;-)