Wednesday, August 19, 2009

::buttermilk cake update::

(See previous post for link to recipe)

So the Buttermilk Cake turned out to be DELISH - I froze the layers in plastic wrap the night I made it, saving for an occasion I'd need to contribute something edible to a soiree. Yesterday, my mom had my cousin, her four kids, a family friend and me over for a lovely mid-afternoon lunch on the deck and I brought the cake. It got RAVE reviews and, even after a week in the freezer, was terribly moist and dense. We added blueberries to the mix (and drizzled over top a hint of the chocolate icing leftover from the Pioneer Woman's Best Sheet Cake. Ever.), and my mom had also whipped up some coconut cream custard, which we had on the side. What a treat. There's a leftover piece waiting for me in the fridge right now, actually...

On an apologetic note, I have neglected my blogging commitment this week as I've been a) adjusting to life on mat leave, and b) busy nesting. I spent the weekend finishing the nursery and doing baby laundry, which led to other chores around here that I've been putting off. Some spontaneous napping has been know known to happen, too. :)

I do have some posts started that I will finish and publish soon, but they may be a bit sporadic.

Today's lesson - buttermilk is a wonderfully splendid thing!


  1. Sounds so yummy!!
    I'm glad you've taken time away from the computer! Keep enjoying your time off, and getting to nest :) Are you going to post pictures of the nursery? I'd love to see it!
    Spontaneous napping is wonderful...

  2. I'll post pics once Wayne has seen it in person. I don't want to spoil it for him. :)