Wednesday, August 5, 2009

::bacon makes everything better::

This is a motto of Wayne's: bacon makes everything better. And it really, truly does. For a while there, I was eating turkey bacon (or "turbacon," as I've heard it called). But, much like my thoughts on diet pop (found in #13 on the list in my previous post), I have gone back to the real thing. I think turkey bacon has even more junk in it to make it taste and look like "real" turkey than it's worth. So when I do eat bacon, it's real meat, baby. Trans fats and all...

The point is that I have stumbled upon a new creation, one so seemingly absurd that you'd at first recoil at the thought. But then, the more I think about it, the more curious I become. What am I referring to?

Chocolate Covered Bacon. Yuh huh!

Unfortunately, I just went grocery shopping at lunch and did not buy bacon. But next time, I will, and I will be making this. I will definitely need help eating it, though! Perhaps I'll make it one of my farewell recipe attempts next week at the office!


  1. Oooh - I am very intrigued! Could be interesting to eat. Bacon is food sent from heaven, as is chocolate, so that could potentially be all kinds of awesome!

  2. Oh man. Chocolate should never stoop so low.

  3. Sharon: I agree.
    Christy:! It's on my Google Reader.
    Julie: C'mon. Be adventurous! Like trying ketchup on eggs and other Canadian stuff. ;)
    Anika: Vegetarian or something? because in case you missed Sharon's comment, bacon IS sent from heaven.