Wednesday, August 5, 2009

::on bargains and probiotics::

My mom recommended I do the Activia 14-day challenge a few months ago. Being pregnant and having yogurt virtually EVERY morning for some protein before walking the dog, I switched brands and gave it a whirl. Supposedly, the "probiotics" in this yogurt are supposed to "help regulate your digestive system naturally as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle." She swore by the difference it made in her digestion so I figured it would be worth a try.

I didn't notice a thing. Not one thing.

Maybe that's good! Maybe that says my digestive system is in working order and doesn't need to be messed with. Then I realized that I'm a) creating a lot of waste with these 100g snack-pack portions, b) paying an awful lot for something I could (and sometimes did) eat two of every day, and c) taking in a lot of extra ingredients and almost DOUBLE the sugar of regular, unsweetened, plain yogurt (which I love).

So I ditched the challenge and went on the hunt for a more economic, more pure yogurt that I could buy in a decent size.

Behold - the beast of all yogurt beasts!

That's right, kids - this is 4 kg (!) of plain yogurt. Guess how much at Superstore? $7.99! I had never noticed these tubs before but it was like the heavens opened and rained down yogurt manna. Now, maybe you're one of those people who needs the fruit mixed in and the super-duper creamy yogurt to choke the stuff down. But I could literally eat plain yogurt at every meal and not get bored. I love it and it's been GREAT in a pinch if I stay up too late at night and get hungry right before bed. If you think 4 kg is a lot of yogurt, believe me when I say I go through one of these in about 2 1/2 weeks.

The best part is, I can come home and preportion it into tupperware to have ready to go each morning! Whether it's a quick snack before walking the dog or adding it to a fruit smoothie for breakfast, this stuff is awesome and I'm pointing it out because if your family is a yogurt-loving family, you should know about this ridiculous deal.

I even used it to whip up a batch of fresh blackberry frozen yogurt last night, with the beautiful wild blackberries gifted to me by Gabrielle, Dora's daycare mom. Here's the recipe. I substituted honey for sugar - let's hope it turns out!


  1. WOW what a deal! What exactly is "superstore" though? Not sure we have one. Bummer. I have to say that our family LOVES probiotics too and they have been awesome. Our son suffered from severe Eczema and food allergies since he was a baby and nothing helped him until we put him on Vidazorb probiotics. THey are cute little chewables and no need to of all, they do work! I take the daily age defense for preventative measures because I have read they boost immunities, help with skin (which I saw first-hand) and a bunch of other things. So- maybe the reason your yogurt did not "work" is that the bugs were not alive at all? I have read that yogurt must say "contains live bugs" not just "made with live bugs" so that you know they are actually live when taken. Do you know if it said this? Anyway- if you wnt something potent, try Vidazorb. Just a thought! Take care, smilinggreenmom (tweet me)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have been following yours too and enjoying listening to other soon to be moms journey!
    I was going to say, that if you can talk to a health food store about probiotics..I take acidopholis..and did before getting pregnant but for some reason stopped. Now, as I have quite a gassy baby, I have gone back on them as I have been reading more and more stuff about the benefits for babies and building their digestive tracks. Anyways, just some food for thought, but I pray for your sake that your baby doesn't struggle with it much!