Saturday, August 22, 2009


Here's an annoying thing about Blogger: when I start a post and then finish it later, it posts itself in the order in which it would appear, as if I had finished and posted it the day I began writing it.

For example, I started this post on the 15th but just wrote it out today. Now it looks like I posted it on the 15th. What the heck is the point of that?! HOw does anyone know I wrote something new?

I guess from now on, I'll have to copy and paste drafted content into a "new post" every time I want to finish something I started previously.

Also, anyone know why you have to upload photos in the REVERSE order you want them to appear within a post? Do you photo bloggers use an external photo uploader or something to bypass this silly thing?



  1. Annoying. I can change the post date and time while you are still writing a draft. At the bottom of the writing box there is a "Post Options" click that and it will expand to where you are change the post date and time. As far as photos....Picasa works well but you can only load three or four pictures to a post. I just load mine backwards if there are a lot!

  2. That's very frustrating. Those were two of the biggest reasons why I switched to Wordpress. I was getting too frustrated by the limitations of Blogger, and in Wordpress you don't have those kinds of problems. I don't have any suggestions to help make Blogger less aggravating, unfortunately.

  3. I usually just move my photos around in the post itself...I think that works?

  4. Yeah, I hate those things about blogger. But I usually move my pics around in the post with copy/paste. Still annoying, but it works. And I also start a post and repost it later if it takes a few days to write it. But your friend's tip about that is definitely helpful! I bet Anika might have some tips on this stuff, too.

  5. I'll echo Christy's suggestion: When I used Blogger, I controlled the date with the "Post Options" box at the bottom. Try that. :) Oh - Looks like your baby will be here any day... best wishes for health and happiness. So excited for you.