Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"B" is for...

It is most definitely the week of surveys (FB) and lists (blogosphere). I have seen this list on other blogs, but when Shari finally put one up, I left a comment for an assignment. She gave me the letter 'B.'

If you want to participate, leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter. You then write about 10 things you love that begin with the assigned letter and post them on your blog. When people comment on your posted list, you give them a letter and the chain continues on and on...

Ten things I love that start with the letter 'B':

1. Baxter: 2nd Lieutenant Baxter, that is. Yes, my hubby, now known mostly by his surname, is number one on my list. He makes my world go 'round, my heart do flip flops, and my eyes sparkle. I'm so proud of him. He would go to the ends of the earth for our little family, and I still can't believe it.

2. Babies: I'm not so keen on kids, but babies I could squish all day! I get to meet Julie's new little one, Piper, on Valentine's Day and I'm going to give my arms a good stretch before I go so I can cuddle, cuddle, cuddle all afternoon!

3. Backyard barbecues: Nothing makes summer better than an impromptu gathering of friends over fine cuts of meat, fresh corn on the cob, pasta salads, and cold beer and wine. I just LOVE summer entertaining and meeting new people at BBQs. Feeling the grass between your toes, playing volleyball or badminton, not putting on a sweater until 10 pm, lighting citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay, and eating ice cream from 4L tubs makes for a memorable night.

4. Berries: My favourite fruit. Another reason to love summer.

5. Beer: Since I've been with Wayne, the world of beer has been opened up to me. I can now appreciate beers for their different flavours and intentions, even when they don't follow the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. My favourites at the moment are: Black & Tan (Harp, layered with Guinness on top), Russell Cream Ale, and Granville Island Winter Ale. I'm a dark beer drinker in the winter and a light beer drinker in the summer, much like wine.

6. Bargains: I call my style "bargain-fab" for a reason. I rarely ever pay full price for my clothes, and when I do, it's at a place like Superstore or Old Navy. My mother instilled this in me and I'm thankful, but it also tricks me into buying things I don't need sometimes, just because they are on sale (like the cream pumps I got for $20 in Quebec - still haven't worn them).

7. Boutiques: I may be bargain-fab, but I didn't say I don't have a taste for fine things. While I can never afford items in the small shops on Granville Street or Robson, I can dream, can't I?

8. Beaches: If there's ever a place I can go to sit in awe of God's creation, it's a beach. Any beach will do. Even a beach on a great lake would suffice, I think. I like beaches so much, I was baptized at Crescent Beach instead of a baptismal tank. I didn't feel like that would be real enough. I wanted to be dunked in God's water, not the city's. One of my fears of moving later this year is ending up in a hick prairie town without a beach for me to visit and meditate at.

9. Blooms: That's another way of saying flowers. I don't care how they're acquired, I like to have them in my house. Plants or arrangements - whatever! I'm getting much better at keeping houseplants alive so I'm pretty proud of myself. Once my birthday flowers die, I will make a point of buying myself a bouquet every week to have on my table.

10. Bedtime: Ah, yes. While I am a night owl, once I'm in bed, I can barely keep my eyes open. I love sleeping - I just hate getting there. Too much to do, too much left undone. But the sweet release of dreamless sleep is a blessing all on its own. Thank God for sleep.


  1. Fun! I did one of these not that long's a great way to get to know people better!

  2. ooo, good list! I can offer an amen to all of those!

  3. how fun! i love that you love beer and babies and beaches (i too find babies easier than kids, btw)... and bbqs are the best. as are bargains. value village is my favourite friend.

  4. You commented - you get a letter!

    Christy - S
    Amanda - E
    Emily - K