Saturday, February 28, 2009

First baby gift!

This week, I found a package in our mailbox from the wife of Wayne's good friend from basic training, Jade. She and I have become email buddies, chatting a lot especially during the first few weeks of our husbands' training. It sure helped knowing someone else was going through the same separation as me. She and Jason live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - hopefully we can drop by for a visit during our mini vacation in April/May. Jason, who is in the Air Force, is now training in Greenwood, NS, only an hour away from his beloved, with whom he is able to spend his weekends. So lucky...

Isn't this the most thoughtful gift???


  1. Very cute. I imagine you'll have lots of army-related baby gear. Thinking of a camouflage-inspired nursery? ;-)

  2. No. Actually I have to be careful not to make my kid too kitschy. Army stuff is cute if you're dad's a soldier, but too much is just...ugly. :)

  3. How cute is that! And so nice of your friend to send it to you :)