Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UC risks?

Because Wayne really won't be around to experience much of this pregnancy, I thought it'd be a cool idea to go get one of those 4D (real-time) DVD ultrasounds of the little kiddo and while I'm there, find out the gender, so I can take the DVD to New Brunswick with me when I visit and share it with the "Baby Daddy." I booked an appointment with a local company called UC Baby who does this, but now am second-guessing the risk factor. I've already had one extra ultrasound than normal (dating ultrasound) and don't want to put him/her under any unnecessary stress in utero. I plan to ask my naturopath and midwife about this later this week but wondered if any of you have done this or have friends who have done it? If so, how was the experience for them? Or do you know of solid research that proves this is a bad thing?

I really wanted to take something to Wayne to make him feel included, but risking Beano's health is not worth that.

Got any advice?


  1. Meg, I had a total of 10... yes 10 ultrasounds cause mine was a high risk pregnancy. Abbie is fine. My advice, especially since I can't imagine going through it all without Sherman around to participate, is go for it. Do all you can to help make Wayne feel a part of this!

  2. I had a total of four medically necessary ultrasound while I was pregnant. One standard at 18 weeks, one for me (but I got to see baby too), another to check babies size and one the day before I went into labour to make sure all was well. Trev and I went to 3D Baby Vision to have a fun scan done and would totally recommend it! It was the neatest thing. We just did the cheapest one that included a picture but it was well worth it!
    I've never heard anything to the affect that numerous scans are harmful to the baby.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Yes, I've been doing a little reading online and supposedly, ultrasounds do heat baby's cells, even if only minor temperature fluctuations, which "can" harm the development of the child. Obviously, it's only a "risk factor," not a given that it would cause any harm. I just really hate risk and I've never done this before so maybe I'm being overprotective...

    I really appreciate your input. it makes me feel better! Thanks!

  4. I had three medical ultrasounds and one at UC Baby. I think that most of the things that you are to worry about during pregnancy are in your first trimester (which you are past -- YAY!). By teh time you end up going for the 3D, you baby is older and more mature. I don't think at that point that you have anything to worry about. That is just my unmedically sound opinion.
    As for the 3D ultrasound... it is the most increible experience!!! You can also have him watch it real time from his computer if you set it up ahead of time. I was really grateful to be able to do it. :o)

  5. Well, I haven’t gone through this myself, but my sister wanted the 3D ultrasound when she was pregnant with her son. They already knew they were having a boy and though the 3D would be so cool! They talked to our doctor (who specializes in maternity/natal care) and he doesn’t recommend them. He said he only does when there’s a medical reason, not just for the fun of it, as babies in-utero aren’t really meant to have pictures taken of them. (I don’t have more details as to the medial reasoning)
    I have another friend who did get the 3D done, and she loved it! Loved knowing what her daughter looked like, and felt more of a bond with her.
    Anyways, just my two cents! See what your doctor and midwife say and pray about it to see what God thinks! I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you guys. It would be very special for Wayne to be as involved as possible, for sure! But I agree with you that the baby’s health is #1 :) Let us know what you decide!

  6. What a great idea to help Wayne feel involved. Those ultrasounds are pretty widely used in the States (my sister did one with her last child - very cool), but I don't know that extensive research has been done yet. Jeremy researched this a bit on his own when I was pregnant and he found that the Canadian Medical Assoc. doesn't recommend it - but I think the reason is simply that they haven't conducted adequate research on it and they recommend only having ultrasounds when they're medically necessary. So, it may just be one of those things that's probably fine, but if you want to have total peace of mind, maybe just stick with whatever your doctor/midwife orders.