Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good news

Well, my midwife, a lovely Australian named Anne, has no problem with me having the UC Baby ultrasound so it's a go. I'm very excited and I'm sure Wayne will be SO appreciative of the opportunity. I also found out today that a week or two before I see Wayne will be the approximate time when we'll start to feel Beano's movement, another plus for the Wayner! So I hope s/he gets excited (or annoyed) enough with me during that week to give a swift kick for Wayne to feel, too. I'm so happy to be able to involve him this much, even from a distance - God's timing sure is perfect.

On that note, I thought I'd let you peeps know I'm doing an amazing program through my church right now called Freedom Session. As you can see from the link, it "was developed to help those struggling with chemical and sexual addictions in a way that typical counseling and even biblical teaching didn’t seem to help. Since then, we have used this material with people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually, every possible area of woundedness (chemical and sexual addiction, sexual and physical abuse victims, codependency issues, divorce, spouses of the chemically or sexually addicted, abortion, anger issues, homosexuality, gambling, and just plain old brokenness)."

While explaining what it is can be challenging, explaining why I'm there is not. It really is for anyone and everyone. Let's not pretend we haven't all experienced some form of pain or hurt or made bad choices in our lives. We may move along in life thinking it's in the past or that we've dealt with the deep spiritual repercussions of these events/decisions, but the truth is the Enemy will use it against you. And we are not invincible people - "addiction" (or the abuse of your "drug of choice," which may be something as non-tangible as control, selfishness or your temper) is not usually something we want to fall into. Having a bad attitude about life or being a generally pessimistic person comes from something, somewhere in the timeline in your life, and this program is here to help you figure out where it came from and how to stop using that drug of choice. In the eight weeks I have attended FS, I have learned so much about myself and, although some of the crap you end up having to sort through is tough, the point is to invite Christ into your pain and let Him deal with it, His way. (And that's never a bad option.) So I'm headed there tonight for another dose of God's good Truth, to learn about hope and freedom from the chains the keep us bound to the burdens we insist on carrying, even when we may not know it.

Check it out for yourself! There are a few other churches in this area offering this program and I would encourage you to investigate how it could change your life, too.


  1. when is the next freedom session? i might want to come along...

  2. Oh how exciting, to have the 3D ultrasound! I'm glad you feel at peace about it, and that Wayne will get to be involved :) Let's pray for swift kicks from Baby when you're visiting him! :)
    That class sounds incredible - freedom in the Lord is something for everyone.

  3. Jilly - Freedom Session typically starts once a year, usually in September. I'll keep you posted for the fall Session!