Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stuff for sale

Today was day one of many "spring cleaning" days I'm sure I'll be randomly inspired to have in the coming weeks (I think they call it "nesting," in my case).

There are two things taking up space (well, five, technically) in what will be our nursery that I NEED to ditch! Both (or all) are in mint condition. Please leave a comment if you are interested.

1. IKEA Billy Bookcase in Beech Veneer - $40

Here's the link to the exact product at for all your measurements; click through the colours to view "beech (not "birch") veneer." I still have the allan key to dismantle this so you can get it out of our place and into yours.

2. Set of four distressed black solid oak dining chairs - $175 for the set.

Wayne bought these from a restauranteur when he was with Vitality. He happened to be setting up the bar system in this new restaurant and when the owner discovered he had over-ordered this furniture, Wayne bought them from him. Heavy and solid, barely used at home. Perfect to keep on hand for extra dinner guests or to furnish your basement suite/coach house.


  1. Beautiful chairs. Wish we had the space.

  2. Hey Meg, do you still have that bookcase??