Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby bargain 1.0

I happened to be in the mall on Saturday and found these awesome jeans at Reitmans. They are called comfort fit – they look like normal jeans (even come in tall length!) with pockets and a “fly,” but they are actually slightly stretchy pull-ons! The girl there told me to go a size smaller than normal because they stretch out over time and I told her I’m pregnant – I want them to stretch out! They are so great because they are high-waisted (comparatively) so they really hug my belly and stay in place. As my belly grows, the waistband will expand, then once I’m too big for them, it’ll be too hot out for jeans anyway. In the fall, after I’ve given birth, I can throw them on and have jeans that fit even with my post-baby belly. All for $46!

If you are pre- or post-baby and don't necessarily want jeans with a huge panel on the waist...RUN! RUN TO REITMANS, I say!


  1. I have some dress pants from there that are comfort fit and they're great too. Good for when you're mostly sitting all day - might as well be comfortable! Yet they still look cute :) Last time I was there I saw that they have skirts too...

  2. Those comfort pants are my miracle... now I can have maternity comfort without actually having to wear maternity pants -- because admit it, once you had the stretchy pants, it is hard to go back!

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