Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby update - 17 weeks

I just had my monthly midwife appointment and all is well. I'll be 17 weeks along tomorrow! I still have only gained three lbs and baby is nestled quite comfortably in my pelvis still, hence the lack of “pop.” Soon enough it will come, and I bet I’ll be complaining that nothing fits! All my lab results came back fine (no STDs, HIV, iron is good, etc.) - woot! Baby’s heart rate is now at 136 which is good. The only hiccup is that I tested positive for Group B Strep so I’m on a week-long cycle of antibiotics for that to prevent kidney infection. If it persists and reappears near labour, I’ll have to have a penicillin drip during delivery to prevent the transfer from me to babe.

I keep forgetting I’m pregnant; I haven’t popped yet but most of my symptoms have settled. My two friends who are due the same week as me have popped big time, but they are both much shorter and must not have as much room for baby in their smaller torsos. Hopefully as the baby doubles up to the size of a cantaloupe in the next three weeks, it will peek over my pelvic bone in time for Wayne to see it when I go to visit again at the end of April.

Hearing that heartbeat every month is a real relief, too. It makes me remember my body is working and doing what it’s supposed to do.


  1. Ick....I tested positive for Strep as well. No biggie though. So glad everything is still going well!

  2. Yeah! Glad everything is going well. Looking forward to reading more as your journey continues.

  3. Yeah! So glad all is well with Baby Baxter :) I look forward to contiue hearing about your pregnancy journey. And I hope you pop before seeing Wayne!

  4. so good. i'm so glad baby b is doing well meg. i hope he or she pops soon too! until then, enjoy the non-queasy feeling of normalcy. :) xoxo

  5. Oh so exciting!!! I wasn't showing for along time but when it pops watch out =) Such a amazing time. I brought a recorder that fits inside of the build a bear to one of my appointments and recorded my precious peaches heartbeat and then bought a build a bear and stuck it in there to put in the babies room so they will be able to hear what I did at my appointments.
    You will have to post a belly shot when you pop!